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We want to save your money. Our goal is to provide you with great products, eliminate the expensive middleman, and streamline the manufacturer to customer process during your project.

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First you’ll login to your RCI Collection account and have membership access to a surplus of international construction vendors, state of the art products, and affordable prices

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Shop name brand products and build your cart from our wholesale collection. Our Line Card is full of great appliances, doors, BBQs, glass, flooring products, windows, etc.

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Client Service personnel will ask detailed questions about your cart and help professional builders throughout their online shopping experience. If we do not have your product online, a Representative can source exactly what each customer needs.

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After your cart is complete, you will check out online and we will process your payment information. Be sure to stay tuned for notifications and item delivery instructions


Once your product is delivered all you need to do is coordinate an installation. You will have avoided a subcontractors huge markup to hold your hand and ultimately saved money dodging the expensive middleman during the process.

Advantages of Purchasing Direct. The Simple Economics of Shopping and Buying Direct

Lower Costs and Lower Margins

You can save money on shipping, storage, dodge subcontractors markup and place your focus on professional installation

More competition

More labor competition leads to better labor pricing. The less the labor contractor has to do the quicker you can get a price- plus the more prices you can get.

Less Paper Work and Headaches

Less back and forth and more certainty that your products have been paid for directly

Higher volume

You can purchase any quantity of inventory with ease and trust that your supplies will come directly from the manufacturer.

Quality Assurance-

You can shop the best products, see the best prices, and buy exactly what is specified without the worry of products being substituted to save the subcontractor money