RCI Collection started more than 30 years ago when the primary goal for the newly minted self-proclaimed “contractor” was to make an income. Initially that income came in the form of working for homeowners. It quickly developed into a more sophisticated retail-based installation company.

What was quickly realized is that retailers bulk purchase products and only hire installers. Logistically, this meant that the products showed up on site and only installation was needed. This all was simple, effective, efficient, and cost effective. Reduced cash outlay and headache for the installer/General Contractor, and huge savings for the owner.

Many years later, after thousands of projects, the realization was this: hire the best installers no matter the cost, and purchase the product you need/want selectively and diligently. This is where the savings lie. This reality is the reason for RCI Collection.

At RCI Collection we Help Builders Build. Reach out to us at [email protected] to get started today!