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You will save money.

Depending on the product it could be 5-50%. Brick an mortar stores have large overhead to cover and need a high markup to cover all the costs. Nor are you paying subcontractor/ general contractor markups.

RCI Collection only sells top quality/name brand products to professionals. This means fewer returns, less handholding, fewer mistakes, and less management. We pass these savings on to the builder/developer/owner.

RCI Collection started as an installation company so we understand the economic pressures of the construction industry. The supply of available installers is much higher than the supply of full blown contractors. Installers are more readily available due to their low financial entry point. Pure installers do not need to spend time and effort pricing and fulfilling products.

The owner, the GC, or the developer is always ultimately responsible. Since the products we sell are all name brand products, the manufacturer will stand behind the product. The installer will stand behind the install.

A #1: You are now in charge and don’t have to depend on some subcontractor or independent company to give you accurate info on the product delivery times, actual product order, payment confirmation, material liens, product replacement, etc, etc. Our account reps and website do this work for you.
A #2: Our account managers will keep you updated on delivery times, product availability, payment, updates, delays, etc.

A: Assume you are build a 4000 sq. ft. spec house in southern California at a typical cost of $400-500/sq ft. totaling $1.8MM average. The products provided to you by RCI Collection could easily account for $200-400K of that cost. Based on this size of purchase you would typically save $25-50K per house per project.
For example, a recent RCI Collection customer purchased two premium garage doors. These garage doors are normally $6500 each to provide and install through the subcontracted garage door company.
This customer was able to buy the garage doors directly for $3000/door from RCI Collection and then spent $900/door on installation and logistics. This is a savings of $2600/door! By using RCI Collection they saved $5200 on one aspect of one project.

RCI Collection has a quarterly builder rebate program. This can either passed along as savings to savings to the customer or can be retained by the builder.